Selfie Station -
A Great Photobooth Alternative! - £130

Capture Moments, Create Memories

Introducing our selfie station photo booth. Take your event to the next level with an interactive experience that allows guests to capture and share unforgettable moments.  Whether it's a wedding, corporate event, or party, the Selfie Station adds a touch of excitement to any occasion!Included items:

- Props
- Backdrop
- Selfie Sticks
- Sign
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Be Inspired

Couples can infuse a delightful dose of spontaneity and charm into their special day by incorporating a selfie station photo booth. Imagine the joy of newlyweds and their guests, gathered around the booth, capturing candid moments and genuine smiles. The Selfie Station becomes a hub of shared laughter and cherished memories, allowing couples to savor the joyous atmosphere of their celebration. It serves as a charming space where friends and family can express their happiness, bonding over quirky poses and creative snapshots. From silly faces to heartfelt embraces, the selfie station becomes a canvas for guests to leave their mark on the couple's love story. It's a simple yet powerful addition that adds an extra layer of warmth and camaraderie to the wedding, creating lasting memories that both the couple and their guests will treasure for a lifetime.
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Frwquently Asked Questions

What is included in the hire?
Our hire includes a variety of fun props, a backdrop, selfie sticks, and a sign to create the perfect photo booth setup. These elements are carefully curated to enhance your event and provide a memorable experience for you and your guests.

Are props provided, and can I bring my own?
Yes, we provide a delightful assortment of props to suit various occasions. If you have specific props or items you'd like to incorporate, feel free to bring them along! We're here to ensure the selfie station reflects your unique style and vision.

How long is the hire period?
Our hire period is for the duration of your event! We aim to set up the morning of, and collect the morning after.  This way you have uninterrupted use of our selfie station. 

Is an attendant included with the selfie station hire?
No, we want you to be free to use the selfie station as you choose as long as you look after the items and use them for what they were made for.  Any damages will be invoiced to you for repair.

Can the selfie station be used outdoors?
No, the selfie station is designed for indoor use only. To ensure the best performance, it should be placed in a well lit area at your event venue. Outdoor use, especially in inclement weather, may affect the equipment and overall experience.