Marquee Letters - £100

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Illuminate Your Event with Captivating Marquee Letters

Our rustic letters look great in any venue!  We will deliver and set up the letters the day before your event and collect them the day after, so you have plenty of time to take photos.  It includes:

- 5 ft Reclaimed ‘LOVE’ letters
- Stunning cabochon cap bulbs to splay the light
- Warm glow bulbs for that antique look.

Be Inspired

Exquisite, handcrafted 5 ft letters. Perfect for adding style and a romantic atmosphere to any wedding venue, these wedding lights are ideal for wedding ceremonies, wedding receptions, engagement parties, anniversary parties, birthday parties, Valentine's dances and events, and much more. Each letter has in excess of 12 bulbs with vintage-style fairground bulb caps to attractively spread the light.
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Frwquently Asked Questions

Can the letters be set up outside?
We do not advocate using our letters outside for safety reasons and to avoid damage to the objects. We can make exceptions if you have an event organiser or responsible person(s) there all day who can move them promptly should the weather turn. They would also need to be in a very solid, wind-protected position.

How are the letters powered?
Our letters are mains powered, so need a standard power outlet.  

Do you leave spare bulbs?
Certainly! We always include a spare bulb, which is hidden behind one of the letters. Although our bulbs have a long life span and problems during events are uncommon, we offer a spare as a precaution. If you need to replace a bulb, make sure the letters are turned off before making any adjustments. The procedure is simple: unscrew the old bulb and replace it with the spare. If the bulb is protected by plastic cabochon crowns, just remove the front part with a simple screwing motion, then repeat for the bulb itself.

Do you have Public Liability Insurance?
Certainly, we carry the necessary Public Liability Insurance.

Are your letters PAT Tested?
Yes our letters are PAT Tested every year.