Rustic Wedding Post Box and Pedestal - £35

lockable wooden card box

Experience the excellence of a sturdy, wooden post box adorned with elegant white lettering and featuring a detachable pedestal for added convenience. This exceptional post box serves as the perfect solution for receiving and securing precious wedding cards and well-wishing gifts from your guests. Revel in the anticipation and excitement as you await the end of your event, when the moment finally arrives to unlock and open your post box, collecting heartfelt messages and tokens of joy.  Included:

- Wooden, rustic, lockable post box
- Detachable pedestal
- Garland
- 1 key
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Be Inspired

Improve the ambiance for your visitors.  Place it near the entry for a memorable first impression, on the gift table to centralise emotional sentiments, and along the exit path to transform the post-ceremony exit into an interactive celebration. Consider incorporating it into the photo booth for delightful memories, placing it in the lounge or drink area for a relaxing setting, and placing smaller duplicates on dinner tables for theme continuity. Place it near the guestbook counter to encourage visitor interaction, and near the cake table to make a visually beautiful layout. The postbox is easily accessible thanks to thoughtful placement, and it serves as a vital and attractive feature of the entire wedding decor.
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Frwquently Asked Questions

How can I personalise the post box for my event?
You can personalise the post box with your names, wedding date, or any other custom message. Simply provide us with the details, and we'll ensure your post box reflects your unique style.

Is the post box suitable for outdoor events?
We do not advocate using our postbox outside to avoid damage to the object. However, we can make exceptions if you have an event organiser or responsible person(s) there all day who can move it promptly should the weather turn. They would also need to be in a wind-protected position.

Can I use the post box for occasions other than weddings?
Absolutely! While the rustic post box is popular for weddings, it's versatile and can be used for any special occasion like birthdays, anniversaries, or corporate events.

How do guests access the post box during the event?
The post box is designed with a secure lock, and keys are typically provided. You can choose whether guests can drop their well wishes directly into the box or hand them to an attendant.